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Television / Film / Theatre
Spanish & English Commercials / Voice Over

(323) 510-1800


Dual Citizenship – Mexican & US
Current Passport


Sophia Santi


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TELEVISION (select credits from 20+)


The Bridge   Adam Arkin/FX
Dexter   Showtime/Romeo Tirone
Prime Suspect   Maria Bello/NBC
LA Noir   Brian NcMac
Weeds   Craig Zisk

C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation


CBS /Danny Cannon

Monsignor Martinez – (Pilot)


FOX / Mike Judge

Crossing Jordan   NBC / Bethany Rooney

The Shield


FX / Scott Brazil



CW / Gail Mancuso

Gilmore Girls


CW / Palladino

Judging Amy


CBS / James Hayman

7th Heaven


WB / David Plenn

The District


CBS / James Keach

Ryan Caulfield – (Pilot)


FOX /C. Lynch

Oh, Baby


Lifetime / J.D. Lebou

Lois and Clark


ABC / Bill D’Ella

Land’s End


Syndicated / Fred Dryer

Beverly Hills 90210


FOX / James Whitmore, Jr.



FOX / J.F. Lawton

Intruders They're Among Us


NBC / Michael Zinberg



NBC / James Burrows



NBC / Leslie Glatter

City Of Angels


Warner Bros. / Kevin Hooks

Days Of Ours Lives


NBC / Various







FILM (Partial List)


Black Hat   Michael Mann
Neron   Mitesh Patel
Portend   Jeremy Robins
Project X   Todd Phillips/Nima Naurizadeh
I'm Not Like That Anymore   Paul Rodriguez/Christian Sessma
Jackie's Back   Robert Townsend
Who Is Candy Bernardino?   Erin Lin

Set Apart


Atmosphere Ent./ Ralph Portillo

That’s Revolting w/Florence Henderson


Fred Surr

The Civilization of Maxwell Bright w/Jennifer Tilly


Sneak Preview Ent. / David Beaird

Internal Affairs


Paramount Pictures / Mike Figgis

Intruders They’re Among Us (MOW)


Michael Zinberg

Jackson w/Steve Guttenberg


Megalomania Prods/J.F. Lawton

Food Stamps


Angry Dog Pictures/Alfredo Ramos

Lean Like A Cholo


Jorge "Jokes" Yanes




THEATRE (partial list)


8 Ways to Say I Love My Life and Mean It



Ms. Margarita’s Way



Duran Duran



Rosa De Dos Aromas



Glengarry Glen Ross


Beverly Hills Playhouse

Rose Tattoo


BHP/Milton Katselas





Milton Kaselas/Jeffrey Tambor/Keith David/Lindsay Crouse/Joe Santos/Beverly Hills Playhouse/National Conservatory of Fine Arts (Mexico City)/New York Actor's Studio






Spanish, French






Standard American, New York, Italian, Colombian, Cuban, Mexican (D.F./Ciudad Juarez)






Medical/Legal Terminology, Spanish-English for various Government Agencies, Worked as School Counselor for Juvenile Detention, Good with Kids/Comedy, Krav Maga, Very Athletic, Bikram Yoga

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